talking on cell phone in public

Do we really need to say this? Apparently so because too many people do it! Don’t have personal conversations loudly in public on your cell phone. It’s rude and people don’t want to hear it. Even worse on speaker-phone.


5 Responses to “talking on cell phone in public”

  1. One other thing, if you are in a public bathroom…just leave the phone alone. If you are going to answer, I am going to flush the toliet every 10 seconds.

    • That’s friggin hilarious Taiji. I just did that to a guy the other day. He was on the phone in a stall, and I kept covering up the sensor with my hand and removing it – florrrrrshhhhhh gurgle gurgle. The dude was talking to his wife about what was for dinner. How bout a meatloaf I just left next door?

  2. How about talking on the cell phone in a bathroom stall while using the bathroom. Gross, who wants to hear other people peeing in the background or ripping a big one that vibrates the stall doors.

  3. There are probably legitimate reasons to talk in public on your cell (maybe you’re lost) but not just a social call. However, the douchebag with the bluetooth yelling about his girlfriend, saying the word “righteous” or pulling the fist pump should be publicly flogged. Or kicked in the nuts.

  4. If I get a call in a public place, I say “hold on” quietly in a weird voice so I can run outside and take the call. I HATE public cell phone talkers. I understand sometimes it is necessary but be quick and quiet about it, douchebags. No one, and I mean, no one, wants to hear about your gynelogical troubles for 20 minutes as they wait for their son’s karate class to be over.

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