driving in the left lane

Did you know that the left lane should be used for passing? Okay, maybe not on just a regular city street, but when you are on the highway, the left lane is for faster drivers.  SO, if you are getting passed by someone to the right of you, you need to get over in the right lane. In some cities this is now a law, and it should be considered law regardless of where you live. SLOW DRIVERS KEEP RIGHT.


3 Responses to “driving in the left lane”

  1. Amen! When I met my boyfriend, I tried to convince him of this. He said, “According to you and your family, maybe.” So I found the page on the DMV website that spelled it out and left it open on his computer.

  2. Don’t even get me started on this! I’ll never understand the morons that watch in their rearwiew mirror as another car is right on their tail, or the oblivious look on their face as you pass them ON THE RIGHT! There should be more tickets given for this!!!

  3. I totally agree! It makes me so mad and the person going so slow in the fast lane is oblivious. Getting mad, though, can cause accidents that would probably end up being my fault … so I try to contain my road-rage!

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