exposing a cheating husband

No Fo Pa says: Wouldn’t you want to know?


One Response to “exposing a cheating husband”

  1. My Husband just told me that he has been sleeping with prostitutes for the last 6 years… and that the last two years while I was often away on business he would bring them home…it has been 5 weeks since he dropped the bomb! And tonight he tells me that he has been having an affair with one perticular prostitute who might I add showed up at my door at 2am thinking I was away on business – I was suppose to be away but my trip was cancelled and my dear husband forget to update her – and there she was at my door at 2AM! This affair with this perticular lady has been on going for the last 5 months apparently – with no protection in and in our marital bed to boot! and since the late night called showed up unexpected well our tell on continued into the late hours of the night. It is 4am not and I am far from sleep looking for some advice. So basically over the last few weeks I have learnt so much… not sure if I can take another surprise!

    Hopeless in Dubai!

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